Cool Baby Babywearing Cooling Towel *NOW BACK IN STOCK*

  • $15.00

Cool Baby Cooling Towels have been designed to help keep from wearer and wearee cool whilst babywearing. The perfect addition to any carrier this Summer.

Size: 66cm x 44cm

** Please take special care using your Cool Baby with babies under 6 months of age due to their dependance on their carer to maintain their little body temperatures. Please don't use your Cool Baby directly against any child's face or head.**


Rinse thoroughly in warm water before the first use.
Remove excess water and use your Cool Baby while damp. Have the textured side out for the best results.
If your Cool Baby starts to dry out, simply re-wet for hours of continued cooling relief.
Gentle machine and hand washable with liquid detergent. Avoid using bleach.
For short term storage, store your Cool Baby in its container in between uses to keep it moist.
For long term storage, place in container and leave the lid off. Allow to dry out completely to avoid mould. To re-activate, simply soak in warm water. 

During extended use, allow your Cool Baby to breathe and evaporate. To allow continued evaporation, turn the towel over periodically while using or remove from skin, shake in air for 10 seconds, and reapply to body.