Afterpay at The Fluffy Mama - Babywearing for Every Body Adelaide


Have you got your eye on something at The Fluffy Mama but can't afford the upfront payment? We offer Afterpay to people wanting to budget their next purchase into their fortnightly expenses.

Afterpay allows you to receive your item/s at the time of checkout but will set you up with a payment plan consisting of 4 equal payments over 8 weeks.

To pay for your item using Afterpay complete your checkout as normal filling in your shipping details, select your shipping method and once you reach the payment screen select Afterpay. From here you will be transferred to the Afterpay website where you follow their directions. You will be directed to enter the card information you wish all of your payments to be debited from. You will most likely have to make your first payment at the time of purchase. Once you have been successful your item will be shipping and you will receive e-mails and texts from Afterpay reminding you when you next payment is due!

That's it! There are no fees involved to use Afterpay services, however you will incur a $10 late fee if there isn't sufficient funds in your account to cover your payment.

I hope that Afterpay makes your babywearing/breastfeeding journey a little easier and more enjoyable.