Our Story ...

Hello! My name is Jessica, owner of the The Breastfeeding Boutique.  I am also a Mum, Wife, Traveler and Dreamer

Thank you for supporting a local small business and family.

My first son was born in 2014 and from day one we struggled with breastfeeding. I didn't want to leave the hospital because I couldn't get him to latch without the assistance of a midwife. I began pumping to maintain our breastfeeding relationship. I was fortunate enough to have his ties diagnosed at 3 weeks and he had them revised a week later. We took a few steps back before we were able to run forward. We went on to feed for 4 glorious years. 
The Breastfeeding Boutique was founded in 2016 but began her life as The Fluffy Mama, a babywearing and breastfeeding store that had a focus on plus size care givers. Babywearing has always played a huge role in the way I parent my children and my passion for it overflowed into a business. In my time running The Fluffy Mama the babywearing market boomed and we saw baby carrier become more readily available . While this was amazing for parents and caregivers all around the country it made running a successful business a challenge. I pondered the direction of the business for more than six months and when I realised I couldn't part with her I decided to breathe fresh life into her and focus on the breastfeeding side of the business. Now here we are. 
I hope that the products we offer assist in your breastfeeding journey. I am passionate about supporting women to breastfeed, for as long as they want. I personally know of the obstacles many women face in breastfeeding and sincerely believe that the products we offer can be a huge benefit. 

Much love, Jessica x