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This week has been a special one for me. The Fluffy Mama reached 1000 likes on her FB page new stock is on the way... and a little brand called TULA accepted my application to stock their carriers.

People this is EPIC!! When I first inquired I was told that Tula was no longer accepting retailers in Australia. My little heart sank. So much of my own babywearing journey had been in Tulas and I know that they have their place in the plus size market. I thought that was the end of that idea...but...Tula seemed to think that I was right. They do have a place in the plus size market and they wanted to work with me! Eeep!

Our first order has been placed and we hope to have it at Fluffy Mama HQ soon - so all the Tula Mamas know where to come to plump up their stashes! We all know it's hard to stop at one hehehe.

This isn't the only awesome thing to be coming to The Fluffy Mama! Oh no, there's more! We are working with a local converter to provide custom carriers for people who can't find something suitable in the current market. I am so excited by this! This truly means that there isn't a body type or shape we can't accommodate and that every body can babywear!

Waistless carriers are coming! Erin Lanais is the baby of Nadine Mahomet and Krystal Smith, both local Adelaide girls who have come together to provide quality handmade carriers at an affordable price. We should see these arrive in the coming days and they will be loaded onto the website shortly, so keep your eyes out for those ones!

There is more to come...I don't want to reveal all I have up my sleeve just yet, but please know that I am always working to bring you a wide variety. I acknowledge that we aren't all the same and that what suits one body may not suit another.

For all the Adelaide locals, don't forget to enter our competition to win a Family Pass to this years Royal Adelaide Show! What better place to babywear that the show? Maneuvering a pram through crowds can be frustrating and tiresome. We will be sending one lucky family off to the show - competition closes Monday August 29th at 8.30pm ACST.

Well that's it for now. I hope you are all as excited as I am that Tula will now be available at The Fluffy Mama. Caw Caw!

-x- Fluffy Love -x-



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