Babywearing in Bali

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My little family had the opportunity to join Nana & Poppa over in Bali for a week this month. We could hardly refuse and so off we went to Indonesia for a little holiday. 

My previous trip to Bali had been 11 years prior and a lot has changed in that time. When my Mum suggested I bring the stroller I only considered it for a brief moment. My memories of navigating Bali streets were of uneven sidewalks and narrow walkways. I decided against the stroller - although having seen Bali in 2016 you most certainly could use a set of wheels now if that was your preferred method of child transport.

The next decision to make was which carrier would I take for our 2 year old son? I decided on a Soul Slings Toddler Size Full Buckle. Knowing that they are made in India and have been made for wearing in warmer climates I felt it was the perfect choice. Soul carriers are made from 100% cotton and are quite light and aren't overly bulky in their construction. Paired with a cooling towel we wore comfortably around Bali for the week we were there. The cooling towel was a nifty and inexpensive addition to our carrier which served many purposes. We kept it damp and in my handbag and simply slipped it between us when we were wearing. We also used it in the taxis as a towel/blanket and were able to keep our son cool by simply draping it over him. I did notice on the odd occasion we didn't use the cooling towel my son developed heat rash - but he was always comfortable and napped when worn.

There was an instance where my husband was walking down a narrow street with our son on his shoulders - hands on his feet - a scooter driver pulled over and grabbed my husband in an attempt to steal his valuables. It shook my husband. This cemented our decision to babywear, our child was safe and out of harms way if he was in the carrier. 

We had such an amazing week away and I was thrilled every time I saw another babywearer out and about. I am happy to say I saw as many carriers as I did prams/strollers! 

When choosing a carrier to use in warmer climates I think there are a few important things to consider. The material your carrier is made from is important, where possible choose natural fibers, mesh or light coloured carriers. The number of layers needed to wear your carrier safely is also something to think about. For example I wouldn't use a carrier that required a separate insert. Woven wraps and ring slings are ideal as you can use them in single layer carries that aren't swamping your child in multi layers. Tula and Lillebaby make soft structured carriers with mesh panels which have received great reviews. A cooling towel is a great addition to any carrier, they are inexpensive and can be carried around in your handbag/baby bag until they are needed. 

Don't be put off by babywearing in Bali or similar humid destinations. We had a wonderful week exploring together. Bali is a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. They embrace breastfeeding and babywearing - which delighted the natural parent in me! If you are traveling or wondering about babywearing in Summer please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss a babywearing option that will work for you.

Happy wearing - fluffy love - Jessica x





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